Zeek Zak

A long time ago there lived a bird,
the most beautiful bird you have ever heard.

This feathery creature was no gawker,
but known as The Neanderthal Feather Walker.
He rested in a large crack in the earth,
for two thousand years, 'til the term of his birth.

One night Zeek, The Bird Walker, looked up at a star.
Let me tell you that bird could really see far!
X-ray vision, we take the time to explain,
is a remarkable thing for a bird to attain.

The Neanderthal Feather Walker has no powers to lack.
We're talking a bird that can see front and back.

Now Zeek grew up, dinosaurs in sight,
but they couldn't even give him a fright.
Those creatures left Zeek quite alone,
when they realized his powers surpassed their own.

This Extraordinary bird is smarter than most.
Zeek has brothers and sisters all over the coast.

They need fresh air to breath and water that's clean.
An environment that is safe and serene.

One day he decided to fly out from his space
to see what was happening with this human race.

Oh dear, said Zeek, things are not very good.
I must get someone to do what they should.

So those feathery feet started quickly to fly,
to accomplish his mission and give it a try.

Zeek gracefully flew to a river in sight,
and OH, how this gave him a terrible fright.

There were yuckies all over the place;
this body of water was a total disgrace.

Who will help me with this terrible mess?
There must be humans who feel this distress...

How The Neanderthal Feather Walker Came About
by Gary Faerber, with thanks to Betsie Nosonowitz

Copyright 2014 Happy Times For Kids, Inc. All rights reserved. Patent #341398.